Latest Products Latest Products Sat, 25 Jun 2022 06:14:42 +0530 en-us Almond Kernels Thu, 24 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Almonds kernels are the most demanded nuts across the world. Regular consumption of this nut is beneficial for healthy hair, skin, and nails. Om Prakash Ashok Kumar is the leading almond kernels wholesaler in India to provide high quality, organically procured almond kernels at a reasonable price. All the products are high in demand in the global market for their health benefits, freshness, and cost-effectiveness. We take pride in fulfilling the rising requirements of sweet almonds in the market among health-conscious people. Health Benefits of Almond Kernels: Almonds are rich in minerals, vitamins and fibre like manganese, magnesium, copper, tryptophan, phosphorus, and vitamins E & B2. Furthermore, like all nuts, almonds kernels provide one of the best plant sources of protein. Almonds kernels are proven to treat iron deficiency, menopause, pain, and cancer prevention. The beneficial fats and fibre in almonds kernels are believed to help prevent heart disease. Researchers have shown almonds to be almost twice as effective at lowering cholesterol levels as oatmeal. Why choose us? We are one of the best Almond Kernel exporters in Delhi. We promise Reliable quality Hygienic processing Damage-free delivery Longer shelf life sweet flavour crunchiest taste Contact us to get organically cultivated almond kernel in bulk quantity at a reasonable price.   334 Red Chilli Thu, 24 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 If you are looking for the best quality red chillies to make red chilli powder that is hot, spicy and colourful, then you are at the right place. Om Prakash Ashok Kumar as a Company is one of the most trusted suppliers of red chillies in India. One of the most sold varieties we have is the 334 Red Chilli available in customised packaging. Qualities of our 334 Red Chilli: Bright red colour Guntur dry red chilly Adulterant Free, Exotic Flavor, Rich Aroma, No Artificial Color, Free From Contamination Why choose us? As the best 334 Red Chilli Exporters, we promise hygienic and safe processing of red chillies to ensure complete dryness and pungency. We deliver them with and without stem in bulk quantity at an affordable price. This variety of dried red chilli is known for its health benefits, freshness and cost-effective prices. Contact us now to get timely delivery across the nation. 341 Red Chilli Thu, 24 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 341 red chilli is one of the varieties of dried red chillies available in India. This variety is known for its bright colour, flavorful taste and high pungency. It is mainly used to make red chilli powder. Grown in the fertile lands of Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, this variety of red chilli tempts buyers with its bright red colour and aroma to make pungent red chilli powder. Om Prakash Ashok Kumar as a company is one of the Leading 341 Red Chilli exporter, Processors, Cultivators, and suppliers in India. We fulfil the demands of our patrons by providing with-stem and stem-less variety of 341 Red Chilli at a cost-effective price. Why choose us? We follow the organic cultivation method to maintain the quality of our products. Our vast distribution network and competence to deliver the bulk quantity of 341 red chilli mark us as the best 341 Red Chilli exporter. Freshness, longer shelf-life and natural red colour with any adulteration are the salient features of our red chillies. Wonder Hot Red Chilli Thu, 24 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Wonder Hot Red Chilies are famous worldwide due to their unique feature of long-sized, thick skin and low heat value. It is widely used to make red chilli powder due to the highest yield and the bright red colour which tempt buyers at first sight. Wonder Hot chilies are primarily grown in the fertile lands of Warangal, which is located in Andhra Pradesh. Om Prakash Ashok Kumar is one of the Leading Processors, Cultivators, and Exporters & Suppliers of Wonder hot Chili. We plant Wonder Hot Chili in the most fertile lands of India utilizing organic fertilizers only. Further, it is treated under hygienic conditions of our unit to match international standards. We are one of the best Wonder Hot Red Chilli Exporters in India to supply it with-stem and without stem at the most competitive price. Uses of Wonder Hot red Chili: Wonder hot dried red chillies are widely used for garnishing yummy food items and snacks. Why choose us? Quality control: all the products are 100% defect-free and highly aromatic & fresh. We have our in-house quality check unit. Customer Satisfaction: We ensure maximum customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products matching the client’s requirements. Reasonability: All our products are highly demanded in the global market for their health benefits, freshness, and cost-effectiveness.   Byadgi KDl Chilli Thu, 24 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Byadgi KDl Chilli is a renowned variation of chilli mainly grown in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is named after the town of Byadgi, located in the Haveri district of Karnataka. It is sometimes written as Bedgi in some supermarkets and grocery stores in India. It is famous for its colour, flavour and taste. It is less spicy compared to other variety, is twisted, thin, long. Byadagi chilli is also famous for its flavour, low pungency and deep red colour. Om Prakash Ashok Kumar is the leading Byadgi KDl Chilli Exporters in India to fulfil the rising demands of all types of Byadgi KDl Chilli. Uses of Byadgi KDl Chilli An extracted oil, oleoresin, is used to make nail polish and lipsticks. food preparations of South India, Best suitable for masala preparation Why choose us? We are the best Byadgi KDl Chilli Exporters in Delhi to offer the following benefits: Hygienic production Reliable freshness Bulk supply Cost-effective price Wider range Nationwide supply Turmeric Finger Thu, 24 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Turmeric is an Indian spice grown mostly in the western part of India, Maharashtra. Sangli in Maharashtra is known to be the largest producer of turmeric finger, which is used to make turmeric powder on a large scale. Turmeric finger is well-known by different names across the world, precisely, Turmeric, Indian saffron, Haldee, Zirsood, and Terre-merite. Benefits of using Turmeric fingers: Turmeric is eminent for its antibacterial and remedial properties. Turmeric is known to provide fragrance, colour and aroma to the dishes. The turmeric finger is the purest form of turmeric, which is used in medicines, flavorful dishes in India and dyeing processes. Om Prakash Ashok Kumar is the leading Turmeric Finger Exporters in India to provide optimum quality, organically procured turmeric fingers at a reasonable price. We source our products from the farmers who grow the crop in a natural and organic manner. Types of Indian Turmeric Finger we supply Turmeric Finger Sannam Turmeric Finger Bulp Turmeric Finger Bold Turmeric Finger Curcuma Why choose us? We, as one of the top Turmeric Finger exporters in Delhi, work from the root to bring excellent freshness, aroma and quality to our products. For bulk quantity supply, we are always ready. We are known to provide in our products health benefits, freshness, and cost-effectiveness.   Red Chilli Thu, 21 Jan 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Red Chilli as a whole and powdered form is a condiment that adds pungency, flavour and colour to the food. It has specific medicinal and homoeopathic properties. It is mainly used to temper dishes as the chillies have a sharp taste. It also has some antibiotic properties, and it acts as a pain killer as well. It provides relief from lung disease.   Om Prakash Ashok Kumar is one of the Top Dry red chilli Exporters in India that provide a more comprehensive range of red Chilli. We offer red chillies in unbroken shape, with and without stem and size. We cultivate our products in the most fertile lands of India using organic fertilizers only. Further, it is processed under hygienic conditions within a well-structured manufacturing unit to match international standards. Features of our red chillies: Fresh Pure red Pungent as per variety Good quality Hygienically packed with stem and without stem no adulteration and substitution We, as the Top Red Chilli Exporters in Delhi, supply the following varieties: Teja Red Chilli 334 Red Chilli 341 red Chilli Wonder hot red Chilli Byagdi KDI Chilli   Why choose us? We are the most trusted among the Top Red Chilli Exporters in Delhi. We provide 100% authentic quality Timely delivery Cost-effective products A more comprehensive range of organically grown red Chilli S10 Red Chilli Thu, 24 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Om Prakash Ashok Kumar is Delhi based company engaged in offering the prominent quality of S10 Red chilli to the customers at affordable prices. Our products are free from contaminating, and it contains 0 to 2% foreign materials. We are using hygienic packing for our excellent products. We have served the global market since 1992 and are considered as marvellous S10 red chilli Exporters of India. We are selling our products under our brand name “OA Nirmal". We are working continuously towards the satisfaction of our customers locally and globally. Our products are highly in demand in the global market for health benefits. Our products have numerous health benefits like reducing the risk of cancer, colds and flu, relief from joint pain, etc. We have well-structured manufacturing facilities at our unit. We are using well-upgraded machines for packaging our excellent products. Our S10 red chilli is famous for 5-7 cm, and it is the finest quality found in India. Our products are highly in demand in various countries. S17/ TEJA Red Chilli Thu, 24 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Om Prakash Ashok Kumar is an experienced manufacturer, supplier and exporter of agri-products. We are one of the leading and premium quality exporters of spices like turmeric, kernels, and chilli. Based in Khari Baoli, Delhi, we are an experienced enterprise engaged in exporting S17 Red chilli to customers at affordable prices. We have a team of experienced who are working dedicatedly to serve the customers as per their needs. We are also known for offering our products on a timely basis globally. We aim to keep our commitment by providing quality products to the customers. Established in the year 1992, we have experience of more than two decades and are known for reliability, expertise and dedicated team. Due to our seamless customer service, we are known in the market as one of the leading S17 Red chilli exporters of India. Our products are dried and can be transported easily without being damaged. We are using Gunny bags or PP bags for excellent packaging to save our products from the worst weather conditions.